Building Bridges for Sustainable and Inclusive Growth

Introduction to Animo

  • Animo Associates is a provider of trust and corporate services for private individuals, corporate groups, and intermediaries
  • Through our combined international team, we are able to offer communication in 16 different languages
  • Over 140 employees worldwide
  • Extended global coverage with 7 offices, across 5 countries and with access to a multitude of global jurisdictions through a network of established international partners.

Why choose Animo?

  • We provide a range of services suitable to a variety of businesses, from small independent companies to large international conglomerates
  • Through our international network, we can cater to a range of businesses including those that are based internationally and those based in one jurisdiction
  • The range of our services can be tailored to our client’s exact needs. We can simply assist with the incorporation of a company or handle the setup and general day-to-day running of the business
  • Whatever the requirement we have a large network of contacts in different industries that can facilitate our client’s needs

Technical Expertise in Person

Animo Associates was established in 2004 to provide innovative corporate services for clients across the globe. We have over 140 staff offering unrivalled service to add value to your business. Our team includes qualified accountants, corporate secretaries, lawyers, HR and compliance professionals in our network of strategically located UK and international offices. In addition, our group accountancy practice based in Rochdale offers a wide range of UK & International tax and accountancy services


The majority of our Directors have over 20 years’ industry experience.


We strive to ensure continuous innovation and improvment for our services based on the relevant changes in each industry and legal frameworks from our network


We ensure that our services are tailored to your exact needs, with dedicated consultants advising you through each stage