Mark Quirk


Mark solidified his position as a prominent business leader in 2004 by personally investing in numerous enterprises that offered innovative corporate services to clients worldwide. With extensive expertise in overseeing teams of accounting, legal, HR, and compliance professionals, Mark is deeply committed to fostering positive change within various industries.

Mark is a genuine disruptor, unafraid to challenge the conventional methods of business operations. He possesses a profound understanding of investment principles, partnerships, mergers and acquisitions, financial management, and governance. Notably, Mark recently acquired the Oonex brand, a comprehensive payment institution, and subsequently divested it to Equals.

Mark boasts a proven track record of successfully executing commercial transformation projects, resulting in increased revenue, profitability, and operational efficiency. His enthusiasm for cultivating high-performing teams and nurturing environments conducive to personal growth is unwavering.

As the founder and chairman of Ultimate Pool, Mark is deeply invested in promoting mental well-being, championing neurodiversity, and contributing to social-good initiatives that truly exemplify and catalyze positive change. Outside of his professional pursuits, Mark is devoted to his loving family, comprising his beloved wife and four children.