Trustee Services

Our Trustee Services

Several factors can influence the creation of a Trust, and with expert advice, these flexible, Tax-efficient vehicles can prove highly effective.

A trust can be established to protect the assets and anonymity of private individuals, corporations and family groups while delivering enhanced flexibility and control over the management and distribution of assets. Animo Associates offers a full range of trust services, administered by experts who have many years’ experience developing trust services that work for our clients.

Our Range of Services

  • Provision of trustees in multiple jurisdictions
  • Advice and implementation of trust administration
  • Independent law firms located across the world to assist relatives in the event of a settlor’s demise.
  • Independent accountancy firm to prepare trust financial statements
  • Acceptance of a trust from another jurisdiction

The Benefits of a Trust

  • International tax planning
  • Estate and succession planning to ensure that wealth is preserved
  • Privacy and security
  • Asset protection both now and in the future
  • Convenience of being able to hold multiple assets in a secure single structure
  • Ability to hold assets outside your country of residence
  • Knowledge that assets will be managed in accordance with the settlor’s instructions
  • Continuity of management of assets

The expertly-administered trust offers flexibility and control over the management and distribution of assets.

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