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Receive Off-Market Real Estate from trusted partners, which has multiple development opportunities.

Our specialist consultants can provide help and support to both businesses and individuals from across the globe regarding sourcing and acquiring property investment opportunities within the UK.

Sourcing both Residential and Commercial properties in the UK for Local and Overseas Investors

Our expert team can help source a variety of first-class properties suitable for both overseas and local investments. We use a variety of tried and tested methods to ensure the properties will have the ability to thrive under your ownership.

When looking to begin investing in UK properties there are a variety of routes that you can take, and it can sometimes be quite a lengthy process. Our team have expert experience in sourcing properties across the UK and can help to get your first steps on the property ladder by relieving some hassles of the most common routes to property acquisition.

If you are looking to expand your property empire to the UK, by partnering with us you have access to local expert knowledge on the most suitable areas for your specific needs. We take care of everything, ensuring you are comfortable with the properties we are choosing for you at all stages.

Locate potential development projects for potential investors

Our expert team have exceptional experience in finding the properties right for you! We work closely with you to understand your specific property needs and use this to locate the most suitable properties for you. The UK has so much to offer and so many different urban developments that sometimes it can be hard to choose where the best place for your investment may be. Thankfully at Animo Property we have the knowledge and expertise to help you successfully kickstart your property journey.

Advising on the Tax Implications of acquiring a UK property by both local and overseas buyers

Acquiring UK properties can come with added implications from various taxation schemes which can affect property investments, such as:

  • UK Inheritance Tax
  • UK Capital Gains Tax
  • Rental Income
  • Corporation Tax
  • Stamp and Duty Land Tax
  • Value Added Tax
  • Double Taxation Treaties

Animo Property are fortunate to be partnered with taxation experts through our corporate services branch. Our team have cultivated a wide network throughout their experience and so, regardless of whether you are looking to expand locally from within the UK or migrating from overseas, we have the knowledge to ensure that you are taking the route most appropriate for you.

Animo is HMRC-regulated for AML, and is also registered for overseas UBO register for property.

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